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East Tennessee Pool Construction

As a leading designer and pool builder in East Tennessee, Silverline Pools is the #1 stop shop for your complete swimming pool installation. For each stage of your project, Silverline Pools will offer the highest quality craftsmanship and efficient technical support to deliver a finished product you will be proud of! Our team of experts is equipped with the necessary knowledge and skillset to design and build a custom swimming pool, personalized to your style and preferences.
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Knoxville TN Pool Construction

Unmatched Customer Service

The testimonials provided by our recent customers attest to our reputation of offering an upscale service provided by our friendly staff. Family owned and operated, we pay close attention to delivering clear communication of our build process and adequate planning in the design phase.

Industry Experts

Built on a foundation of skilled swimming pool technicians, we are a fully licensed and insured pool contractor. Silverline Pools will not only provide a stunning swimming pool design, but a structurally sound and high functioning product.

Quality Control

Each phase of new pool construction requires proper training and expertise to ensure correct layout and installation. Our staff has been carefully selected to ensure the individual stages of construction are supervised and consulted on to protect your investment.

Knoxville TN Pool Construction

Silverline Pools has honed the pool construction process to ensure maximum quality and efficiency. Learn about each stage of our pool building process below, and contact our Knoxville TN office today at: (865) 966-8419 to get started on your new custom pool project


    Our pool designers work with you to create optimized renderings for your project. We utilize the latest software to create custom 3D pool designs tailored to your vision. Material selections can easily be made by browsing our mobile showroom, providing you the opportunity to coordinate your choices for a cohesive look.

  • Permitting

    Our streamlined permit process, and specialized permit team, minimizes delays for your upcoming project.

  • Layout

    The pre-construction walkthrough provides clarification for site layout, access points and project expectations.

  • Dig Day

    This is the first step of the construction process. The hole will be slightly larger and deeper than your finished pool, our crew will prep the bottom of the hole with compacted gravel providing strong foundational support for the pool’s shell.

  • Shell Installation

    Your Leisure Pools fiberglass shell will typically be set in the hole the same day it arrives onsite. There may be some final gravel adjustments to get your pool set level, we set our pools beyond industry standards for level.

  • Plumbing Installation

    Our plumbing crews begin installation and dig trenches to lay pipe from your pool to the pool equipment.

  • Tile, Coping & Deck Installation

    Our tile crews will install your pool’s waterline tile and coping, and then proceed to install your deck around the pool perimeter.

  • Electrical Equipment Hook-up & Inspection

    Here we will be installing your pool pump, filter, or any additional equipment you purchased.

  • Enjoy Your New Pool!

    We will clean the construction site to ensure no debris is left behind. You can now enjoy your new swimming pool!

Silverline Pools also offers post-construction services to ensure the quality and durability of your new swimming pool. Give us a call at: (865) 966-8419 to go over our provided services to protect your investment and maintain your new pool.

Additional Features

Selecting additional features when designing your swimming pool will make a big impact on the overall look of the space! Consider incorporating some of our available upgrades to enhance the aesthetics of your new swimming pool.







Our Mobile Showroom Comes To You!

Can’t make it into our showroom? We’ll take it to you! Our mobile showroom has a large variety of samples for your pool and deck. Get in touch today to learn more.