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Cool Yourself and Your Pool in the Summer

It seems no matter where one lives this summer, there have been some record-breaking heat waves.  If you have a backyard swimming pool, you are probably spending a lot of time in the water. However, if that water feels more like bath water and less like a refreshing basin of bliss, you may want to make a few adjustments from a temperature perspective. After all, not only do you want to keep your cool; you also want your pool to stay cool. When the pool water temperature gets too high, it’s just not as refreshing as you might like it. So how do you cool your pool in the summer?

You could just purchase a huge block dry ice and see what happens. In reality, you will probably just have big blocks of ice floating around in the pool with you, as well as lots of fog. Ideal for penguins and Halloween parties.  Not so much for the casual swimmer.  Besides, hauling those huge blocks of ice into your backyard might not be the easiest thing to do. So, let’s just explore a few other ways to cool down the water temperature in your in ground backyard pool. We promise these should be a lot easier and far more reasonable to put into effect.

In order to effectively cool your pool in the summer, you have to rely on a good old fashioned pool maintenance mindset. Make some waves. Get the water moving. Expose it to as much air as you can.  The best time to do this is at night. That is when the air temperature is presumably lower than it is during the day. You can do this be either running the pump or letting any pool waterfalls, fountains, or pool coolers you have stay on overnight.

Let’s break this down a bit further and discuss 5 great ideas to keep the pool cool this summer.

5 Backyard Pool Ideas to Cool Down the Water Temperature

1. Install a Water Feature

When a water feature is running, such as a water fountain, a certain amount of water will evaporate. When the water evaporates, a degree of heat will be drawn out of the water. For an even greater cooling effect, run the fountain at night.

2. Run the pool filter at night

By running the filter at night when the air temperature is lower and the pipes are cooler, you can moderately lower the temperature of the water.

3. Use a reverse cycle heat pump

The word heat here might throw you off. After all, a heat pump is used to heat the water, right? However, if you have a reverse cycle heat pump, it can effectively cool the water. Just flip the switch. Then, the water will move through the heat pump and will be cooled down instead of heated up.

4. Create some shade from the sun

Many pool owners in southern states enclose their in ground swimming pools in a screen house to protect from insects and debris. These enclosures also serve to block passive solar energy while helping to keep the water from heating up. You may also want to consider a pool canopy to keep the water temperature at a pleasant level. This will also give you some protection from the sun.  If it is not practical in your situation to cover or shade your pool from the sun, you may want to consider some landscaping measures. Just remember that if you plant a few trees or bushes to block the sun, it could take a few years for you to benefit from their full effect.

5. Consider a white pool cover

Pool covers are typically used for a couple of reasons. First, they provide a layer of safety. Secondly, they help raise the temperature of the pool water. A reflective white pool cover, though, can keep the temperature of the water more stable. It can also prevent the water from continually heating up from the sun. Cover the pool during the day when not in use and cover it again at night.

Don’t Forget Routine Pool Maintenance!

It is always important to maintain the chemistry of your pool water.  It is even more important during the dog days of summer. When you have warmer temperatures and more sunlight, algae become obnoxious guests. Additionally, summertime means more bugs and debris finding their way into the water. These will not only cloud the water, but they will also create more of a burden on your filter. Learn more about keeping your pool healthy and safe here.

Other Refreshing Ideas to Keep Your Cool at the Pool

1. Install a pergola or gazebo

Not only do these structures keep the heat down, but they also add beauty to your outdoor living space. For smaller backyards, opt for a portable pergola or gazebo. This way, you can move it around as you please to get shade where you want it. Umbrellas are also ideal for smaller spaces, and you can move these around, too.

2. Make the most of an outdoor fan

These are ideal to keep the air moving and reduce stuffiness. There are many styles available to fit your decor. Some even come with lights, which are great for evening get together poolside.

3. Go for some green

As mentioned previously, landscaping is a great way to add some shade and reduce the effects of the heat.  Add some plants and/or trees that cast green shadows onto you pool deck or patio. Why green? Well, first of all, it tends to have a cooling effect on the eyes. Also, green adds a layer of texture and interest to your backyard.

4. Get a cooling misting fan

If you want to reduce the temperature of the overall pool area by about 20 degrees, install a misting system around your pool. these work by pumping water through a series of small nozzles. After the water is atomized into a fine mist, it evaporates and gently cools off the space.

Planning and Preparation is the Key

With a bit of planning and preparation, your in ground backyard pool and surrounding living areas can become one of the coolest places to relax and escape the summer heat.

No matter what temperature of pool water you prefer, our goal is to ensure you enjoy the life of leisure you deserve. If you have any questions about the best way to cool your pool in the summer or if you have any pool maintenance questions, we are happy to help. Just contact us today and we will gladly put you in touch with a dealer in your area for a consultation. A cool life of leisure is waiting for you.

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