How to Maintain a Swimming Pool in 5 Easy Steps

How to Maintain a Swimming Pool in 5 Easy Steps

Cleaning the water, scrubbing the vinyl walls, maintaining filters, and clearing the area around your pool are all basic maintenance procedures for swimming pools. Use these five methods to make pool cleaning a simple task that won’t significantly interfere with your summertime enjoyment.

Skim The Surface

Every day, debris builds up on the surface of your pool. By getting rid of this substance, you can keep the water clean and do deep cleaning less regularly. To remove trash from your pool’s surface, affix your skimmer net to a telescoping pole and sweep it across the water. Before returning the soiled net to the water, shake any particles onto the ground. Daily water skimming will stop detritus from settling to the pool’s bottom. This will also prolong the life of your filter equipment.

Brush The Walls

To get rid of filth, chemical buildup, and potential algae growth, scrape the walls of your pool. Take hold of that telescoping pole once more, and fasten the pool brush. Your pool’s corners, ladder, and walls should all be brushed. Take the time required to make sure you don’t skip any little spots where algae can form. Brushing forces clinging dirt and algae into the water where it can be more easily removed by chemicals or your pool vacuum.

Vacuum the Floor

To remove debris from the pool floor, connect your vacuum head and hose to the telescoping pole. Lower the vacuum to the pool’s bottom and force the hose’s other end up against a jet to remove air from the system. The air is removed from the vacuum when bubbles cease forming, and you are then prepared to begin working.

Plug your vacuum hose into the suction port at the bottom of the skimmer after removing the strainer basket from the skimmer intake.

To get rid of accumulated dirt and debris, slowly sweep your vacuum head across the whole pool floor. To prevent stirring up the debris that will eventually settle back to the bottom of your pool, don’t rush this task. Turn the filtration system back on when cleaning is finished to get rid of anything you missed.

There are also automatic cleaners available. Despite costing more than a hand vacuum, they greatly simplify the task.

Clean The Filter
If you don’t clean your filter, cleaning your pool is meaningless. If your pool’s filter isn’t clean enough to adequately circulate the water, you’ll actually need to clean a lot more frequently. Most pools have one of three basic types of filters. Different cleaning techniques are needed for each type. Always clean your filter in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
Filter Backwashing in a Pool

Running your pool pump backward to clean the system is known as backwashing. Filters made of sand and DE can be back washed for a quick clean, but they should be completely cleaned once or twice a year. Turn off the filter and attach the backwash hose to the waste port of the filter to backwash your pool. Reverse the valve to wash it. For around two minutes, turn on the filter. Switch off the filter and set the rinse valve. For one further minute, turn the system on. Switch the valve to filter and turn off the system. If you have a DE filter, add DE according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Cleaning Your Pool Filter

Sand Filter: Backwash the filter, then switch to filter mode and turn off the pump. According to the manufacturer’s directions, remove the pump lid and apply sand filter cleaning. To transport the cleaner into the sand filter, turn on the pump for 10 to 15 seconds. The pool pump should be turned off and left off for eight hours or overnight. Reverse the filter’s setting and backwash it once more to complete the process.

Cartridge Filter: Backwash the system after turning off the pump and the filter. Remove the cartridge by opening the filter. A damaged cartridge must be changed. Start by giving the cartridge a thorough rinse with a garden hose if it is not already damaged. If the filter still appears to be dirty, you should either soak it overnight or use a commercial filter cleaner. Replace or lubricate the O ring once the filter has been cleaned. Replace the cartridge in the filter after rinsing it. Restarting the pool filtration system will finish the procedure.

DE Filter: When cleaning your DE filter, put on a face mask and gloves. Remove air from the system, switch off the pump, and backwash it. To let water drain from the filter, remove the drain cap. Rinse out the filter tank by opening it. Clean the filter grids and manifold, then inspect them for damage. If the manifold or grids are still dirty, clean them with a professional cleaner or soak them overnight. After the O ring has been replaced or lubricated, reattach the manifold and grids to the tank. Make a DE and water slurry as directed by your product’s maker. Switch on the pump to let the system breathe. Pour the slurry into the pool skimmer within 60 seconds.

Wash The Deck
Sweep the area around your pool to get rid of any material that might fall back into the water, such as leaves and grass clippings. To get rid of the chemical buildup and algae growth, pressure wash or spray the area with a high-pressure hose. You might need to occasionally sanitize the pool deck to get rid of germs and algae growth. To completely clean the area, use a stiff brush and a specialized pool deck cleanser.

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